Documentation team

I waste so much time simply getting the formatting of the document look ok…

We know your pain, we experienced it.

neosigna takes care of the formatting to guarantee a consistent look

All actors work in the same platform so there’s no need to piece parts of documents together



Applying a change of regulation to all our contracts costs a fortune!

Our concept of component code helps identify any specific clause across all contracts

Our API will allow to update a component programmatically, saving countless hours of manual updates


Fund Manager

Navigating the contracts is so painful whereas I only need to review 2 pages…

In neosigna, contracts are divided into sections that are assigned to teams or individuals

Sections can be easily navigated, collapsed/expanded and filtered making browsing a contract extremely fast


Contract Manager

I spend 80% of my time chasing down the other stakeholders of a contract

Stakeholders can be pre-defined in the templates used to build the content of contracts

neosigna auto-generates tasks based on the contract workflow state to help all stakeholders stay on top of what they need to do  


Client Relationship

My clients constantly complain about the time required to update a contract

The concept of sections will help limit the validations required for new versions of a contract and therefore drastically speed up the turnaround time to get changes approved

Your clients will be invited to sign electronically the contracts within neosigna for an improved customer experience