Investment Management

Investment Management Agreements (IMAs) are complex contracts which define the legal framework for the provision of investment services as well as the guidelines portfolios need to adhere to. With the investment process relying on fund management, trading and compliance systems, integrating IMA data in their ecosystem is mission-critical for investment managers.

IMAs are 'living' contracts. As the objectives of investors evolve and new trends such as socially responsible investing emerge, IMAs require frequent revisions. neosigna features bring efficiencies to reduce the drag on resources.

Managing frequent revisions

Investment guidelines define the quantitiative objectives, rules and constraints of investment portfolios. They are built as a collection of structured data using variables (tracking error, hedge ratio, etc.), permissions, lists and tables. The neosigna data model has been designed to capture the content of IMAs.

Data-heavy agreements

Investment managers deal with large numbers and errors are costly. All neosigna features - from STP via API to built-in version control and signature validation  - combine to eliminate operational risks.

Mitigating operational risks

Straight-Through-Processing (STP) is a cornerstone of the investment process. Whether it is to populate an IMA from portfolio modeling tools or export guidelines into portfolio management and compliance systems, the neosigna API will unleash STP for IMA data.


Investment managers operate in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Keeping IMAs up-to-date with the latest regulation such as EMIR and LIBOR transition is a challenge. Neosigna data model and API let investment managers analyse and bulk update their stock of IMAs, all at once.

A constantly changing environment