Investment Management

The Investment Management industry relies on data-heavy contracts that require the involvement of many subject-matter experts.

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What if a contract was more than a legal document?

A solution for data-driven businesses

Say goodbye to Word and PDF documents 👋

Innovative data model

Within neosigna, contracts are designed as a data model, not a text document

Collaborative platform

Neosigna helps all stakeholders in the contract lifecycle work efficiently together

We have created a new digital paradigm

So because we know your pain…

 Navigating the contracts is so painful, especially when you only need to review 2 pages out of 50…

Christopher, Fund Manager

Our purpose

Discover the story behind our mission to digitize investment management agreements

That offers brand new possibilities!

Our data model means that you have full control over the content of the contracts.
Our API will let you automate a
lot of your actions!

Disclaimer: this will make you save a lot of time and money!


  "contract code": "DEMO-000002",
  "contract type": "IMA",
  "counterparty code": "L-4653",
  "counterparty name": "Lynx Pension Scheme",
  "version": 5,
  "live since": "2021-06-01",
     "sections": {
        "section code": "001",
        "section template code": "S-2",
        "portfolio code": "4564",
        "section name": "Currency Hedging Portfolio",
             "components": {

We know that change can be pretty scary. This is why we made sure to build a user experience that will make it easy on everyone.

So, are you ready to get started?

Well … it would mean real benefits for your organisation

Optimised lifecycle

With neosigna, get the turnaround time to get a contract signed down from several days to few hours.

Improved productivity

neosigna can help your experts focus on what matters the most. And this is not administrative tasks.

Mitigated risks

Eliminate human errors and their financial impacts by automating the data transfers between systems.