Say goodbye to Word and PDF documents

This is a revolution. The data content of agreements - guidelines, rules, tabular data - is mastered as a collection of processable datasets.

System integration:


Using API, agreements are populated via straight-through-processing from portfolio modeling tools and exported to portfolio management, compliance and trading systems.

A new digital format

Your agreement is data

The digital platform for legal agreements in investment management

Let's reinvent contracting

A contracting hub for the investment management community

neosigna is a multilateral web platform where investment managers, institutional investors and their trading counterparties can create, execute, store and revise their legal agreements.

A drive for change in contract management

A new digital standard set to drive best practice and standardisation across the investment management industry. Contracting is easier, safer and more efficient.

Bespoke investment management agreements

Pooled fund documentation

Master agreements

neosigna covers all types of contracts

Who said financial software could not be beautiful?

Developed by experts in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), neosigna has been beautifully crafted to create a simple and intuitive experience which comes hand in hand with an optimised process.

Unleash a new experience

A true digital experience for your users and customers

Searching, creating, reading, validating, signing and processing contracts has never been easier.

Customer self-service

Put your customers in the driving seat. Amending a target hedge ratio or an exclusion list has never been easier.



Enterprise-grade security and user permissions management

Hosted software as a service which eliminates the need for installation and maintenance

Electronic signature with 2-factor authentification

Let digitalisation transform your workflow

End to end digital process

From creation to electronic signature, neosigna covers the entire life-cycle of the agreement and optimises each step of the process.

Dramatically reduce your risks

With built-in version control, validation and signature rules and audit trail.

Groundbreaking stakeholder management

Individuals or teams have tailored access and control over particular sections of the agreements.

Central repository

All your agreements in one place. Find them in seconds.

Our purpose

Read the story behind neosigna and how we set ourselves to digitalise investment management agreements

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How it works


Create templates for the building blocks of your agreements using neosigna components to capture the data content of your agreements.


Build agreements, get stakeholder validation and customer electronic signature.


Export the data content in JSON format and integrate in your fund management software

neosigna is the platform for digital agreements in investment management. The platform combines a groundbreaking digital format with end-to-end workflow management to deliver an unparalleled level of system integration, risk control as well as a beautiful user and customer experience allowing for self-service. That's contracting digitalised and reinvented. Join the hub.

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