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your contracts in one single platform.

Improve the productivity and satisfaction of all those involved in your contracts, whether they are employees, colleagues or customers.

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Access your contracts in a few clicks

No more searching for your documents in your Inbox, Google Drive or SharePoint. All your contracts, internal and external, are now stored in the same place and accessible in a few clicks.

All-in-on landing dashboard

Get to the contracts you need in one click

Advanced search capabilities

Search for contracts based on their type, counterparty, owner, etc.

Manage your contract amendments

All the versions of a contract available in one place

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Designed for the whole business

Neosigna provides solutions to all company stakeholders involved in a contractual process.


With neosigna, you help your teams reduce the time spent getting their contracts signed

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Legal teams

With neosigna, facilitate the work of consistency and control of your lawyers

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Sales teams

Make the signing of the contract an asset of the commercial relationship with your customers

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What our users think of us

 »From the HR office to the Work Contract, from the Work Contract to the leave management tool, automating the data flow saves us a lot of time with each hire. »

Damien Mollard

 »Before, our contracts were stored in different places and therefore difficult to find. Now all the players have a single repository. »

Benjamin Gauthier
CEO, Comeen

Creating a contract has never been that fast

By leveraging your contract templates, neosigna reduces contract creation time by over 60%, thanks to a unique experience that makes updating contract elements a snap. time.

Your own template library

Different types of templates for quick and consistent creation

Modular and filterable content

Focus on what needs to be updated with filters

Visualize how your contracts evolve

Audit of changes to know at all times who did what


Sign your contracts with confidence

Thanks to our partner Yousign, you benefit from an electronic signature with a legal value recognized throughout Europe, in application of the eIDAS regulations. Furthermore, the Yousign electronic signature is included in your neosigna subscription.

Management of signatories

Configure signers from neosigna and enjoy the Yousign experience for a certified signature from your favorite tool.

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Centralization of signed contracts

Thanks to our native integration, signed PDF files are automatically retrieved and available from the neosigna interface.

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Never miss an important date again

Signing a contract is only the beginning of its execution. End of trial period, end date of contract, delivery milestone, as many dates as we can help you keep in mind.

Definition of alarms on all key contract dates.

The main players are notified by email of upcoming deadlines.

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Gestion des alarmes sur les dates

Ready to simplify your contract management

We have designed neosigna with the idea of ​​allowing a fast ramp up and therefore ROI.
Our onboarding process will get you started in hours.

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