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Neosigna for the universities and associations

Retrieving your members’ and students’ information has never been easier

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Smart forms

Thanks to the neosigna data model, create documents that are easy to safely complete online by your customers, partners and members.

Contract library

No more looking for your contracts, they are all in one and the same platform, accessible by all the stakeholders of the company.

Easily find your contracts and their version history

Enable different departments in your business to work securely and independently

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Leverage data

Beyond the disappointing experience offered by updating a PDF (or even Word) file, the other limitation comes from the impossibility of using the information unless you re-enter it by hand. The neosigna API will solve this to easily extract your data and integrate it into your other tracking tools.


No fluidity in processes without automation, and no automation without a suitable API.

Retrieve the Customer files from your CRM and refer to them in your contracts. This will save you a lot of retyping.

You have reached an agreement with your client and the contract is signed? Push key data to your management systems, invoicing, etc.

A regulation changes? Prepare a new version of the impacted contracts by updating the necessary clauses programmatically

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