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With neosigna, facilitate the work of consistency and control of your lawyers

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Legal teams are often considered as responsible for all of their companies' contracts. It is therefore important for them to be able to quickly access contracts, whatever they may be. Centralizing contracts in a single platform like neosigna is therefore becoming an absolute necessity.

Contract library

No more looking for your contracts, they are all in one and the same platform, accessible by all the stakeholders of the company.

Easily find your contracts and their version history

Enable different departments in your business to work securely and independently

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Although playing a leading role in contracts, the legal team cannot work alone. It often has to call on the business expertise of different actors in the company. neosigna will make it possible to structure the relationship between departments through models prepared by the legal team, filters allowing stakeholders to focus on the key elements of contracts or even management of rights of precise access.


Templates are the key elements of your ROI. Time saving, consistency, automatic document formatting, guarantee of data integrity for exchanges with your other applications, templates play an essential role in neosigna.

With contract templates, save time to create your most frequently used contracts

With section templates, allow contract managers to build contracts tailored to their needs

With component models, find a variable or clause through all of your contracts

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Modèle de contrat dans l'application neosigna


The notion of components is at the heart of our approach. For us, a contract is not just a set of clauses that we put together but data that we share and use.

Represent all of your contracts with components of different types: title, text, date, numeric, Boolean, table, etc.

Turn your contracts into easy-to-fill forms with filters that focus on what needs to be updated

Open access to your employees or customers to complete the components you have assigned to them.

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Concept de composants dans neosigna


Thanks to its concept of sections, neosigna allows contracts to be broken down into different spaces which can then be assigned to different individuals or teams. This allows the legal teams to delegate and empower the actors while keeping the possibility of validating its sections before sending the contract for signature.


Preparing a contract is rarely a one-person job. Our concept of section makes it possible to break down a document and thus collaborate in complete safety.

Stop wasting time navigating dozens of pages: expand, collapse and filter your sections for quick access to content

Permission management at the section level allows you to control who can edit and/or validate a section

You will be notified in your Dashboard of any actions to be taken on the sections for which you are responsible

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Gestion des permissions au niveau des sections d'un contrat