With neosigna

Create, elaborate, validate, sign and execute your contracts

Neosigna offers everything you need for optimized management of your contracts.


Access your contracts in one click! Our dashboard allows you to keep an eye on all the contracts that may be of interest.

Find the contracts recently visited

Keep an eye on contracts requiring action and changes made by your employees

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Contract library

No more looking for your contracts, they are all in one and the same platform, accessible by all the stakeholders of the company.

Easily find your contracts and their version history

Enable different departments in your business to work securely and independently

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Templates are the key elements of your ROI. Time saving, consistency, automatic document formatting, guarantee of data integrity for exchanges with your other applications, templates play an essential role in neosigna.

With contract templates, save time to create your most frequently used contracts

With section templates, allow contract managers to build contracts tailored to their needs

With component models, find a variable or clause through all of your contracts

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Modèle de contrat dans l'application neosigna

Ready to simplify your contract management

We have designed neosigna with the idea of ​​allowing a fast ramp up and therefore ROI.
Our onboarding process will get you started in hours.

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Preparing a contract is rarely a one-person job. Our concept of section makes it possible to break down a document and thus collaborate in complete safety.

Stop wasting time navigating dozens of pages: expand, collapse and filter your sections for quick access to content

Permission management at the section level allows you to control who can edit and/or validate a section

You will be notified in your Dashboard of any actions to be taken on the sections for which you are responsible

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Gestion des permissions au niveau des sections d'un contrat


The notion of components is at the heart of our approach. For us, a contract is not just a set of clauses that we put together but data that we share and use.

Represent all of your contracts with components of different types: title, text, date, numeric, Boolean, table, etc.

Turn your contracts into easy-to-fill forms with filters that focus on what needs to be updated

Open access to your employees or customers to complete the components you have assigned to them.

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Concept de composants dans neosigna

Design system

There is much more than words to convey ideas and facilitate the understanding of certain elements.
A table rather than a list of information lost in a paragraph of text, an icon to reinforce the meaning of a sentence, the highlighting of an important clause through a background color.

So many elements that neosigna offers to help you improve the experience of contract stakeholders.

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Exemple de styles associés aux composants de neosigna

Designed for the whole business

Neosigna provides solutions to all company stakeholders involved in a contractual process.


With neosigna, you help your teams reduce the time spent getting their contracts signed

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Sales teams

Make the signing of the contract an asset of the commercial relationship with your customers

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HR teams

Improve the experience and productivity of all those involved in your internal contracts

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Legal teams

With neosigna, facilitate the work of consistency and control of your lawyers

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Universities or associations

Retrieving your members’ and students’ information has never been easier

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Signing a contract electronically requires complete confidence in the value of the signature and the protection of the signed documents. This is why we chose to work with Yousign.

When a contract is ready to be signed, each participant will be notified automatically with an invitation to sign the PDF of the contract via the Yousign platform and thus benefit from all the guarantees provided by this recognized electronic signature player. .

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Définition des signataires d'un contrat

Key dates management

Whether it’s the end of a trial period, a contract renewal or an important delivery milestone, never miss a deadline again.

Identify important dates in your templates and associate an alarm to them to be notified at the desired time

Receive email notifications based on the value of the dates once the contract has been validated

A new version of the contract is signed and dates change? No problem the alarms adjust dynamically

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Gestion des alarmes sur les dates


No fluidity in processes without automation, and no automation without a suitable API.

Retrieve the Customer files from your CRM and refer to them in your contracts. This will save you a lot of retyping.

You have reached an agreement with your client and the contract is signed? Push key data to your management systems, invoicing, etc.

A regulation changes? Prepare a new version of the impacted contracts by updating the necessary clauses programmatically

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Vue de Postman, outil pour exploiter l'API